Bar and Pub Renderings

We believe that a visual presentation is the most effective way to communicate ideas. That’s why SONNY+ASH provides interior design services to countless brands that need help visualizing their next cocktail bar or pub. Our 3D bar renderings have given businesses across the country photo-quality renderings of bars and pubs to use in presentations.

Our industry-leading technology allows us to create a virtual space, so you can see your project come to life before it is constructed. Whether you are designing a high-class cocktail bar or a local pub, our bar rendering services let you see the project from the perspective of someone inside the space, giving you better insight into design decisions. There is no substitute for the real thing, but our renderings are as close as you can get to seeing your finished project before construction begins.

Compared to traditional two-dimensional and physical models for architecture and interior design, our photo-quality renderings are far more detailed and accurate. Rather than physically measuring and forming each part of the model, a 3D rendering utilizes software to make calculations and measurements, resulting in a model that is as close to the real thing as possible.

From our bar rendering services to 360 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we provide the tools necessary to make sound, informed design choices. 360 Virtual Reality puts you inside the space with the freedom to look wherever you choose, allowing you to see every inch of your project from within.

Our 3D bar renderings are perfect for architects and interior designers who want a photo-quality rendering to use for their designs and presentations. Contact one of our team members today at 1.312.878.5888 to learn more about how we can help bring your next project to life!