Lobby and Foyer Renderings

When designing a new space for an architectural or interior design project, experiencing the space from within will help you make design decisions. That’s precisely why SONNY+ASH utilizes cutting-edge technology and proprietary strategies to provide the best 3D lobby renderings for your next lobby, foyer, or reception area project.

When compared to traditional 2D pen and paper models, our industry-leading lobby rendering services can help you save time and money. 3D models are also easier to edit on the spot. In addition, the 3D lobby renderings we provide are far more detailed and accurate than their two-dimensional predecessors due to how they are made; our renderings are created using computer software. Two-dimensional models are usually made by hand and are more prone to human error and miscalculations as a result.

Our lobby rendering services enable our clients to put themselves in the space they are designing long before construction starts, which can be very useful for seeing the project through the lens of someone that will ultimately be using it.

In addition to the design benefits that they afford, 3D renderings help designers present information to clients since they include much more detail than traditional 2D physical renderings. Our photo-quality renderings are made using precise measurements and realistic lighting, which lets you see how the entire project fits together.

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