Virtual Reality in the Medical Field

As the possibilities of Virtual Reality grow, benefits have been extended to differing fields. As the medical field has integrated VR into training, surgeries, and treatments, medical professionals are able to prioritize safety, materials, and patient care. SONNY+ASH has the resources to aid the growth of VR in the medical field and is excited to … Read more

Why use 3D Animation?

Sometimes, a rendering just won’t cut it. We get it! It might not give the same experience as walking through a space or trying a product. But, with the use of animation, your customer will notice important details, appreciate the vibe, and get a feel for the size of the room. With the help of … Read more

Get more with In-House Rendering Support


Benefits of In-House Rendering Support Sonny & Ash works with you to create the exact end result that you are looking for. To best do this, our artists can travel (virtually or in-person) to you! They sit in on design meetings, give live advice, receive & quickly act on your feedback, take detailed notes on … Read more