Curtis Lanaghan

Art Director

Curtis Lanaghan began working at Sonny+Ash in 2015, specializing in high poly/organic modeling and animation. Before coming to Sonny+Ash, he graduated with honors for the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg in 2010. Afterwards he worked as a Freelance Artist, a Payroll Specialist, and a 3d Animator at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. An avid Fantasy and Sci-Fi buff with passion for paleontology, he lives with his wife and their small menagerie of pets.

Michael Liddicoatt

Art Director

Michael has been interested in architecture for most of his life. During his time in high school, he participated in the SkillsUSA State and National competitions for hand-drawn architectural drawing, animation, and community service. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg in 2012.
He started at Sonny+Ash (at the time Studio Rendering) right out of school and has enjoyed every minute. Michael was responsible for the Comcast project that won the Sonny+Ash team a Bronze Telly Award in 2016.
He is married with one daughter and loves spending his free time with his family.

Angelica Schultz

Director of Business Development

Throughout her childhood Angelica has been fascinated with nature and enjoyed the outdoors. She grew up videogaming and spending her summers at the family lakehouse, be it on the water or off walking through the forest. She drew what she saw throughtout her adventures and created stories out of her daydreams.

Knowing her love for art she went off to college and studied Media Arts & Animation at the Illinos Institute of Schaumburg. From here she learned 3dsMax and found her love of bring to life her dreams and recreating what she saw digitally.

After college she took the position with SONNY+ASH as a 3D Artist and worked her way through the company as a Lead Look DevArtist to Art Director and now branched into Managment. She still likes to jump in the assist the younger artists with projects and questions but prides herself with being able to be apart of the clients inital process to help visualize their needs and possiblites that the company has to offer now.

Joe Soelberg


Joe has had an interest in design and aesthetics for as long he can remember. His passion for great businesses is only slightly more recent, so it’s no surprise that as soon as he found out that the legendary duo of Sonny Sultani and Ash Mohammed were selling their eponymous design communications agency SONNY+ASH, he had to buy it.
Since 2019, Joe has been living the dream of owning and running this unique business. He brings over a dozen years of experience at the head of commercial organizations in both the Fortune 500 and startup environments to this endeavor.
Joe continues to be fascinated at the daily work of growing his knowledge within the 3d space and figuring out how to deliver the greatest value to the highest number of customers possible.
In his rare moments away from the business, Joe loves to hike as far into the wilderness as possible with his family.