From Zero to Five Figures: Michelle Holbrook’s Journey with Casa Bella Interiors

Michelle Shannon Holbrook, the founder and principal designer of Casa Bella Interiors, shared her incredible story of scaling her business from scratch to a five-figure powerhouse. 

Michelle didn’t start her career in design. She was a corporate gal with a knack for decorating on the side. It all began when she and her husband bought a house on Cape Cod. Wanting to decorate it but finding a lack of beautiful options, Michelle decided to open her own shop.

The shop was meant to inspire others, but soon enough, people were flocking to her, asking if she’d come to their homes and work her magic. Just like that, Casa Bella Interiors was born.

Here is one of the biggest secrets she used to grow her business. 

“Cheap is Expensive”

As Michelle’s business grew, she learned an important lesson: “cheap is expensive.” Early on, she tried using low-cost rendering services from overseas. But the results were rough and didn’t meet her high standards. She quickly realized that investing in quality pays off in the long run. Now, she works with local rendering partners who understand her vision and deliver top-notch results. This approach has helped her build a reputation for excellence and ensures her clients are always thrilled with the final product.

Detailed Walkthroughs

Michelle also uses detailed renders for walkthroughs of homes. These visualizations aren’t just for impressing clients; they’re practical tools that help the entire team. During construction, Michelle brings these renders to site visits, showing electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople exactly what the final space should look like. This helps everyone understand the design intent and minimizes mistakes, keeping projects on track and ensuring the finished product matches the client’s vision.

A Collaborative Approach

One of Michelle’s secrets to success is her collaborative approach. She believes in building strong relationships with her partners and clients. By working closely with her rendering team, tradespeople, and clients, she ensures that everyone is aligned and working toward the same goal. This teamwork makes the process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Why is this important to you?

Michelle Holbrook’s journey from opening a small shop to running a successful design business is nothing short of inspiring. If you’re looking to follow a similar path, remember these key takeaways: invest in quality, use detailed tools like renders to keep everyone on the same page, and foster strong relationships with your partners and clients.