Why use 3D Animation?

Sometimes, a rendering just won’t cut it. We get it! It might not give the same experience as walking through a space or trying a product. But, with the use of animation, your customer will notice important details, appreciate the vibe, and get a feel for the size of the room. With the help of SONNY+ASH animations, you can fully explain your space or product to your customer. They will feel as if they are truly experiencing it.

As the animation plays, it’s easy to absorb the true sense of the room or product. Our artists pay special attention to details like materials, shift of shadows, and moving of perspective. Our animations move just as you would; they’re as natural as real life.

Check out some more of our animations here to see for yourself!

3D animation is clean, reliable, and impressive. Here’s a couple more reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon.

3D animation is…

  • 24/7
  • eye-catching
  • better than 2D animation
  • used with Virtual Reality headsets


An animation never closes. It never breaks. It never gets tired or runs out of battery. For as long as you want it to run, a 3D animation will be there for you. While the physical space you are showcasing may close or a product may break, your customers can simply explore it online with an animation. It’s as simple as sharing a link!

Better than 2D animation

A 2D photo shown on your website is good, but not as good as a full animation of your product or space. A 2D animation won’t show all sides, shapes, sizes, and experiences. In order to help your customer feel as though they are experiencing your product in real life, 3D is a better bet.


“82% of shoppers want to ’view-and-touch’ products before committing to buying them online”.

In order to cater to the supermajority, using a 3D animation will allow for your customers to easily ‘view-and-touch’ your product when it isn’t possible from them to be there in-person. They can walk through a room or see all sides of a product. When a product requires directions, an instructional animation communicates the steps with ease. When customers feel completely secure in their knowledge of your product, purchasing will be much easier.

Used with VR Headsets

VR headsets could take the customer experience to a whole new level. Our artists can create a 3D walkthrough to be viewed through a VR headset. This experience is nearly identical to real life. Your customer can handle a product, turn & walk into new rooms, or look out windows with the incredible combination of a 3D animation & a VR Headset.

3D animation is a must right now for interested customers. Contact us here to start your 3D animation journey with SONNY+ASH.