Product Rendering is Changing the Manufacturing World

Product rendering has changed product development in amazing ways. It saves time and money when developing prototypes. The photorealistic results are simply stunning. They extend a company’s marketing ability and can help a business grow. 3D product rendering allows manufacturers to create a product and display it in different styles and settings. Here are some of the many benefits of 3D rendering to manufacturers:.

  • Design development is flexible – Designers can change the color, material, and design elements with the click of a mouse. No need for a new prototype for every design idea.
  • CGI makes design development faster – Because there is no ordering of physical prototypes, a lot of time is saved. You can perfect the design in the rendering process and then order the best prototype while showing other possibilities as well.
  • Consumer testing is more effective – It is also easier with product rendering. Consumer testing can take place digitally to determine trends and buying habits.
  • Smooth client presentations – photorealistic 3D rendering goes beyond what drawings and sketches can do in a client presentation. All the design and color options can be easily showcased for stunning displays.

Product rendering brings advanced technology to the manufacturing field. The possibilities are endless. Let SONNY+ASH show you what the future can be with our award-winning 3D rendering services.