The Art of Storytelling Through 3D Product Rendering

Storytelling isn’t just limited to someone verbally holding your attention with a fascinating tale or an author pulling you into a book and keeping you there. 3D product rendering also tells a story – your story. At SONNY & ASH, we are master storytellers. Through the art of 3D rendering, we produce 3D images that showcase your dreams.

Moving Into the Future

2D images and sketches still have their place in design and architectural work, but 3D can do so much more. We can bring your design to life. You can “walk” through the new restaurant or other facilities. Product rendering is the design tool of the future.

What We Do

We are a design communication agency that specializes in 3D computer graphics (CGI). These graphics are used for brand storytelling and design presentations for the design industry. We help architects and interior design firms create stunning visual models that bring their client’s desires to life. We offer:

  • Computer Generated Renderings
  • Film & Animation Services
  • 360 Virtual Reality Services
  • Augmented Reality Services

Communicating design intent is the goal for our clients. We help them reach that goal through powerful visual presentations. We can help you visualize your goals with product rendering that is professional and powerful.